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All Time Low presents 'Future Hearts' to sold-out NYC crowd

All Time Low has been my favorite band since middle school, and even though I had seen them twice before, this tour was perfect. I went with Lupe (my concert partner in crime) and we took a road trip for the day to NYC, where they were performing at a new venue, Pier 97. We bought tickets months ago for their pre-show signing, and I wanted so desperately to show them my tattoo. (which is lyrics from their song "Outlines") The boys could only sign one item, and you barely had 10 seconds to talk. So, I put my phone on "record" and then handed them my phone to sign-but you can hear our whole conversation! When I showed Jack my tattoo, he said it was really nice, then proceeded to grab my hand and sing the lyrics of the song. (I died) Then Alex, who is my love, claimed it was "rad." It's safe to say I almost cried and was shaking afterwards. Fangirling aside, I almost passed out from dehydration because of the air quality that day. Since the concert was outside, and six thousand people were pressed against each other, it wasn't pretty. Lupe and I had to scream our way out of the middle mosh pit before I either 1) passed out 2) got trampled or 3) had a crowd surfer fall on me. After moving a little to the side though, the rest of the concert was great. State Champs was good but I couldn't enjoy it because people were going way too hard within the first five minutes. Tonight Alive was inspirational and Jenna is perfect. As for Issues, I didn't really know them before, but now I am obsessed. Their stuff is heavy yet still pop punk-which is a perfect mix. When All Time Low hit the stage, honestly nothing else in the world mattered. We didn't know the people next to us, but we were jamming the whole time, screaming out every word to every song-I wish I could just be in that moment again. Overall, Future Hearts was unbelievable, and is a great album with new beats and hooks I can't get out of my head. If you "used to like them" then you should give it a listen, because honestly, they've grown as a band more and more each year-and their sound is incredible. One day, I'm definitely going to make it my mission to interview them-oh, and sing on-stage during "Time Bomb."

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