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Swedish musician takes listeners to another world with new record

Take a trip through a futuristic world with Frida Sundemo, a Swedish artist who is releasing her first international album this October.

Sundemo, originally from Gothenburg, Sweden, gained attention after releasing her debut album, Let It Out, exclusively in Japan in 2010. Her presence grew in the industry once she started creating music with the producer/songwriter Joel Humlén; she released the 2012 EP Indigo followed by the EP Lit Up By Neon a year later. Aside from her music, Sundemo made a cameo in the 2015 film “Kill Your Friends,” which starred actors Nicholas Hoult and James Corden. Last year, she reentered the music scene with her single, “We Are Dreamers,” and dropped three more singles this year: “Keep An Eye On Me,” “It’s OK” and most recently, “Gold.”

Her music is alluring; each track includes airy, mysterious-like beats. Sundemo draws inspiration from watching sci-fi movies like Gravity, The Martian and Space Odyssey. She likes listening to the score music from these futuristic movies, and said that she thinks her music portrays this space vibe.

These new singles are a part of her debut international album, Flashbacks & Futures. Sundemo said this record includes more cinematic songs; although there is still an electronic-pop presence, this album showcases more slow tempo tracks. She hopes her music will empower listeners and maybe even make them curious about science.

“I really want them to get into the music, like getting into a mood that is calming and makes them reflect about their lives,” Sundemo said. “I want the music to speak for itself in some kind of way.”

Aside from music, Sundemo is also interested in fashion - but not the brand-name clothes you’d normally see on shelves. Whenever she visits a new city, she goes to a vintage shop and said she could rummage through the clothes for hours. She explained fashion as a creative outlet, similar to music, and wants to incorporate her love for space and monochromatic style onstage.

“My biggest dream would be like a really cool - not a spacesuit, but a spacesuit from a parallel universe - it wouldn’t look like a spacesuit but it would be inspired from it,” Sundemo said. “I love that kind of costume-y stuff.”

Sundemo’s dream venue would include a symphony orchestra and an LED screen as a backdrop. The screen would project a spaceship or something similar so that the audience can feel like they’re traveling through outer space — making the show a true experience.

This is the first time Sundemo has pushed a release in the U.S. and hopes her music will have a positive impact here. She will be performing in Scandinavia and London either later this year or early next Spring, and then would like to plan an official tour — including some shows in the states.

The 14-track record, Flashbacks & Futures, will be available October 6 through the Scandinavian record label, Cosmos Music. To stay updated on Sundemo’s music, tour and more information, visit her website.

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