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Coldfront releases debut album, begins US tour

Canadian pop-punk band Coldfront just dropped their debut record, Float Around, and have returned to the US to tour through November.

Float Around features singles “Float Around” and “So Typical,” released through Equal Vision Records. Bandmates Michael Kelly, Chris Casarin, Tom Stewart, Jared Cipak and Paul Szachlewicz explained that the record took inspiration from their experience of being a band for the past three years. Since their formation, they’ve released three EPs, performed their first show at Warped Tour’s Toronto date, as well as performing alongside artists like Silverstein and Counterparts at KOI Fest.

Although their older music was more hardcore influenced, Casarin said the band focused on different melodies and chords for this album, taking a more pop-driven route. Their music still has an edge, but not quite the screaming listeners would recognize on previous EPs, he explained. Additionally, this album is mainly revolved around break-ups and both the good and bad feelings afterward, Kelly said.

Coldfront is supporting Ghost Key on their tour through October 22 and will open for Hot Mulligan from November 3 to November 26. Kelly said that thus far on tour, although the shows don’t bring in hundreds of people, there are still fans who know them.

“We’ve been seeing people at every single show so far who know the words to the songs,” Kelly said. “Specifically the new songs, which is really cool to see because that means people are listening to the new singles and those are new fans that we didn’t have in the past.”

The group hasn’t toured much in the US, so they’re starting to build a fanbase here. They’re headed out west for the first time to states like California and Arizona, but it will be there second visit to places in the midwest, including Texas. Although right now, they might have a stronger presence in their home country, Kelly hopes they will see a change after this tour.

Coldfront hasn’t been in the states for long, however, this isn’t their first tour; the members have been touring throughout the past five years between this band and previous bands, yet Kelly is excited that they are taking a “level up of sorts.” They’re getting the opportunity to see new places, meet new fans and are excited for this leap.

Right now, Coldfront is focused on their tour and making it the best it could possibly be. Early next year, they are going to move back into writing mode and put together some new singles, but for now, want to focus on promoting Float Around. One day, they’d like to play on Warped Tour - but rather than just one date, they want to play the entire tour.

“We don’t take ourselves too seriously,” Casarin said. “We’re all chill guys. We’re not there thinking that we’re better than anybody - we’re just like everybody else. We just want to hang out, play some catchy music and have fun.”

Catch Coldfront on tour with Ghost Key or Hot Mulligan. To find tickets visit Equal Vision Records and for more information, music and more, visit Coldfront’s Facebook page.

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