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Katy Perry's 'Prismatic Tour' is uncomparable

I remember hearing "I Kissed A Girl" playing on the radio for the first time, and everyone thought Katy Perry was just another one of the one-hit-wonders pop stars. But oh, she wasn't even close. When five of her singles were in the top charts within just one year, I knew she was destined to be amazing. "One of the Boys" album was just the start-and "Teenage Dream" was so undeniably catchy. I absolutely loved Katy more after seeing "Part Of Me," which showed her entire story to fame. (yes I cried) From then on, she was on my list of artists I NEEDED to see live. On July 7th, 2014, Lupe and I went to Mohegan Sun, ticketless. We saw Capital Cities, the opening band, walk by, and kind of stalked them for a bit, but we decided to check the box office for tickets. Then, after scoring tickets NEXT TO THE RUNWAY, we went screaming into the arena. We passed the thousands of people in seats all the way to ours-and I can't imagine not being in those seats. The show was absolutely breathtaking. By far, the BEST concert I've ever attended. Katy puts on a flawless show-with costume changes, acrobatics, dancing, and obviously her voice is amazing. (she wasn't lipsyncing) My favorite part would have to be when she told everyone to put on the "prismatic glasses." These were like those 3D glasses you would wear at the movies-except they made everything you look at turn into prism shapes. When you looked at the stage and all the lights, it was this crazy-trippy experience I'll never forget. What artist even thinks of that idea?! Currently, Katy is still on tour, but when she makes a new album, I'll be sure to see her again, because her ideas are so fascinating I just want to see more. I'm not sure if anyone will be able to top her performance. Katy=queen.

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