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Is it more bitter or sweet?

So yesterday I attended my high school's graduation and I can honestly say I don't miss high school at all. Sure, I miss seeing my best friends everyday, getting away with roaming around the school during my study halls, and basically, all of senior year. What I don't miss though? Drama. bitchy girls. guys who would date you for a month. annoying teachers. wi-fi that doesn't let you get onto social media. standards. tests. applying for college. dress codes. classes for 7 hours. The list is never-ending. It was like living in hell for four years with these social norms and expectations being shoved at you-thank god I'm out. College is such an amazing experience-it's like a whole different world. No one really cares what you're doing and you can make your own group of friends. Everyone has their own sense of style and just does their own thing. My favorite part is that everyone is at college for a reason. It's not like high school where you're forced to take classes and you're stuck with a bunch of negative people who would rather be out doing something else. If you don't want to be there, you don't have to. At first, I thought college would be just the same as high school. During my freshman year and into sophomore year, I was surrounded by groups of people who thrived on drama, and unfortunately, I got sucked into it. I've learned that there are two types of people in college: those who have matured, and those who are still stuck in their high school ways. For example, boys who only want to hook-up and have this constant annoying sex drive, and girls who have nothing better to do than start rumors about you. Thank god I met better people this last Spring semester. I'm finally happy, surrounded by genuine friends, and I know where I'm going in life. Nothing but good vibes forward. High school wasn't for nothing, though. I now understand what it means to trust someone, how to interact with others, and the key points to moving up in the world. I've made five friends I am positive I will stay in touch with for the rest of my life, and everyone else, well they contributed in their own way. Seeing my favorite teachers yesterday also confirmed their help along my journey, because if it wasn't for my journalism teacher, I wouldn't be currently sitting in this newsroom. Overall, my four years stuck in that school taught me a thing or two, but most of all, it prepared me socially and emotionally for the road ahead. Congratulations class of 2015, and remember-you made it out, and now it's time to really live.

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