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Never say 'No' to adventures

What's the point of life, without a little risk? This summer I've come to the realization that everything is way more exciting when it's spontaneous. Sure, it's nice to plan things out every once in a while, but the best nights are the ones unplanned. Last weekend, my cousin had a beach house in Westerly, Rhode Island. Of course, everything was disorganized (because that's just how our family normally is) but we still made the most of it. I met up with one of my best friends from school and after making a necessary Taco Bae run, we just hung out on the beach. I'm such a sucker for the beach.

This weekend also confirmed why I chose to go to school in Rhode Island. Everything is so damn beautiful and everyone is so chill. The air is filled with this sense of good vibes and the smell around us is consistently pure ocean. Typically, at school, my friends and I never know what to do because of the lack of nearby "fun" places, but there's actually a lot! You just have to find them. Last minute, before making the two-hour drive home, Lupe and I visited The Fantastic Umbrella Factory Gardens in Charlestown. I've always wanted to go there since I first moved to Rhode Island and we figured- why not? First of all, this is the hippiest place I've ever been to and I LOVED it. Basically, I was in my prime, surrounded by flowers, sunshine, peace signs, incense, good tunes, and groovy people. It's the kind of place where you never want to leave. My wallet practically broke after leaving the stores that were there but I justified my purchases because when else am I going to find a hippie place THAT groovy? Never.

Besides the rad shops, the place was filled with gardens, including a bamboo forest! A picture simply could not capture this place. Bamboo 10 times taller than me surrounded us and it was eerie yet peaceful. Stick a bench in there and I could sit and write in that spot all day. The beauty of it all really took me aback, and I can't wait to bring the rest of my (4) friends there.

At the end of the day, I was so grateful for taking the spontaneous route and heading out to the gardens. It's important to remember that every day should be an adventure. Instead of staying at home and flipping through Netflix shows or doing the same lame things with your friends, go out and explore the world around you! There's so much to see, and now that I finally have my car, Olive and I will be going on loads of adventures.


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