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Two years down, two more to go

This summer was full of ups and downs. I had my first internship with Connecticut's largest newspaper, met a ton of new people, and built up my credibility as a music journalist. I discovered who my true friends were, and stayed connected with my best friends from high school. I stayed true to myself, and I completely fell in love. For once though, I was ready to start school again. It seemed as if summer was dragging on day by day. I've realized that I'm not the type of person that can just sit around all day and do nothing. I love adventuring and seeing the world. That's going to be the most amazing thing about my job-I get to meet the most interesting people and discover unique places I wouldn't have traveled to otherwise. So here I am, sitting on the quad of my university, with a tree hanging over me and the sun spreading across campus. I'm so happy to be back and in the swing of things again. Of course, this year is going to be rough, but I'm completely prepared for it. Not only am I the Entertainment Editor for our student newspaper, but I'm also the Program Director at our school's radio station and the Alumni Chair in my sorority. I have five classes throughout the week, and still have to make time to hang out with my friends, my boyfriend, and make time for myself. But I knew this from the start-all of this will be worth it in the end. As I was stressing out a few days ago, my friend pulled me aside and told me to just take a deep breath, and stay positive. No matter what anyone threw my way, I had to make the best of it all. Usually, I always try to stay happy and upbeat, but lately, little things have been knocking me down. She really made me see that nothing should damper my mood. I'm in college, surrounded by great friends at a beautiful school and on the road to success. Each day is a new start, and maybe it's time I take advantage of that. Stay happy, & stay groovy.

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