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Passion Pit 'takes a walk' at URI

Photo by Justin Evers

The indietronica band from Cambridge, Massachusetts, Passion Pit, energized fans and brought a new, electric sound to the University of Rhode Island’s Ryan Center last night.

The show was presented by URI’s Student Entertainment Committee, who brought Passion Pit in hopes to bring in a different crowd than shows in the past.

To start, Firekid, a rock band from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, opened the show. Firekid started off with a mellow, acoustic sound, but slowly worked their way up to a lively beat throughout their 30 minute set.

Passion Pit consists solely of singer Michael Angelakos, who is joined live by Chris Hartz on drums, Aaron Harrison Folb on bass/synthesizers, Giuliano Pizzulo on guitar/synthesizers, Pete Cafarella on synthesizers and Ray Suen on guitar/synthesizers. Angelakos originally released an EP entitled “Chuck of Change” in 2007 that he produced as a Valentine’s Day gift for his girlfriend. The EP was passed along by friends and acquaintances until his name was heard. So far, Angelakos has released albums “Manners” and “Gossamer” over the past four years, and just released his latest work entitled “Kindred” in 2014.

Throughout their set, Passion Pit played multiple hits off of “Gossamer” including “I’ll Be Alright,” “Carried Away,” and “Cry Like a Ghost.” While playing new and older songs, Passion Pit kept the audience alive with their alternative-dance style that sent electronica vibes through the crowd. Angelakos’ voice was very soft, and at times unable to hear, but his unique vocals brought a new sound to the university.

The atmosphere was harmonious, and unlike EDM DJ Zedd, who performed at URI last week, members of the audience sang along blissfully, rather than pushing one another around like a rave. Angelako kept the crowd in-tune by dancing around the stage and showing off his quirky side.

After singing multiple tunes off of previous albums, Angelakos ended Passion Pit’s set with the well-anticipated performance of their top-billboard charted hit, “Take a Walk.” Even people in the crowd who were not familiar with “Kindred” have heard “Take a Walk” before, causing the arena to explode with the lyrics in unison.

Angelakos exited the stage, but like every performer, came back for one last encore song. The crowd cheered “Sleepyhead” over and over until Angelakos reappeared, almost taken aback by the praise. “Sleepyhead,” another top-charting Billboard single, is not only Passion Pit’s most acclaimed song, but one of their oldest songs off of their “Chunk of Change” EP.

“Sleepyhead,” unlike most of Angelakos’ songs, has a dubstep, neo-psychedelica feel, ending the show on a perfect note. The crowd grooved along with one another, creating a show to remember.

Passion Pit continues their 2015 tour across the nation through Oct. 30, making stops in Ohio, Wisconsin, Missouri, South Carolina and California.

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