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We The Kings 'Check Yes' to 10th Anniversary Tour in Pawtucket

It has been a long 10 years since the rock band We The Kings released their first self-titled album and when they hit the stage last weekend, the audience was transported back to 2007.

The Met was completely packed, nearly exceeding capacity, last Saturday night in Pawtucket. Opening bands included the local Rhode Island native band Ten Cents Short, brand new artist Astro Lasso, alternative-pop band Plaid Brixx and Cute Is What We Aim For. After performing well-known jams, including “The Curse of Curves” and “Practice Makes Perfect,” Cute Is What We Aim For vocalist Shaant Hacikyan explained that the band had no intention of originally being on the road this season. However, he said after We The Kings vocalist Travis Clark asked him to tour with them, the band has now booked studio time and are planning some “awesome things in the future.”

Before We The Kings took to the stage a message began to play over the speakers, outlining the “rules” for the night. This included “clothing must remain on during the first song” and “what happens at We The Kings 10 stays on We The Kings 10.” The band opened with their most popular hit song, “Check Yes, Juliet,” and continued with “August Is Over.”

“Put your cell phones…. In the air,” Clark shouted out to the crowd. He said that while some bands tell people to put down their devices, he’s going to take advantage of the “free publicity.”

The band played every song off of the self-titled album including “All Again For You,” “Skyway Avenue” and “Don’t Speak Liar,” a song the band had never played played in Rhode Island before. During this tune, all stage lights were turned off and although it started out as a ballad, turning into a major jam.

One of the most memorable moments of the show was when Travis talked about “Secret Valentine,” and explained how it was the “first time [he] played Tetris with a female.” Before moving onto more songs, the band played the last record off their album, “This Is Our Town.” Clark said that although the tune is about their hometown, since they’ve traveled across the country, they feel more at home during each show, having gotten comfortable on the road. Then, he stepped off the stage so he wouldn’t get emotional as a pre-recorded message of his voice played.

“Being in We The Kings isn’t about being in a band, it’s about being in a family,” Clark’s voice said over the speakers. “Let’s see where the next ten years takes us.”

Although it was getting late into the night, Clark said, “We’re going to keep playing as long as you’re still standing here.” Then, they slowed down the vibe with “Sad Song” and “Just Keep Breathing.” When a girl in the front of the pit showed her tattoo with lyrics from “Just Keep Breathing,” Clark dedicated the song to her. During this performance, the energy was undeniable. Everyone in the crowd started to jump and scream out the lyrics in unison.

“Here’s a song you’ve never heard before,” Clark said jokingly and began playing the popular 2011 hit, “Say You Like Me.” He encouraged the audience to scream as loud as they could, claiming, “I want you to leave the show without a voice.”

After a long and emotional two hours of consistent music, Clark said that the band had to play another song again, just for tradition. The night came full circle, ending with “Check Yes, Juliet.” Clark could not thank the crowd enough, revealing that fans should never take for granted how much the band truly loves and appreciates every one of their fans.

We The Kings is on tour in the U.S. through April 2. For tickets and more information, visit

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