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California: Day One

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

To my left is the Pacific Ocean, to my right are hills hundreds of feet high and in front of me is nothing but road ahead. 

This was my view as I sat in a yellow volks wagon convertible, Daisy, on the coastline of California. For the first time, I have the chance to take a spring break trip with my best friend Nicole, thanks to our generous family/friends who are West Coast natives. This trip is not only special because we're traveling so far together, but also because I've never actually been off the East Coast.

What other way to kick off our first day in Cali than to road trip? With Daisy's help, we traveled to Bodega Bay and nearly 100 more miles north to Fort Bragg. Bodega Bay was extremely pretty, but honestly, the highway we traveled on had an even more amazing view. As we traveled for more than five hours up the coast, I was taken aback by the scenery, 

It was almost like a painting; the skies were clear, the water was sparkling and the trees looked fake. We mostly had the road to ourselves as we danced to upbeat tunes with the convertible top down. With my hair flying in the wind and nothing but cliffs on both sides of the road, I felt like I was in a movie - a thrilling, exciting and adventurous one. 

When we finally arrived to Fort Bragg, the surrealness never faded. We visited Glass Beach and again, I was trying to wrap my head around the beautiful view in front of me. Feeling like a little kid, I wandered the grounds and picked up colorful pieces of glass and posed for some "candid" pictures. 

Although the entire trip took nearly 16 hours total, it was definitely worth every minute. Compared to the boring views I'm forced to endure in Connecticut, California seems like an entirely new world. I feel like there's so much to take in at once, and I have to keep reminding myself that I'm actually here in the midst of all this nature.

Throughout the next five days, we'll be traveling to Muir Woods, San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. Although we'll only get to explore a small part of the state, I'm so grateful for this opportunity! Look out for more pictures and posts to come - I can only hope that this trip goes by very slow.

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