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California: Day Two

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Anyone who knows me is aware that I'm not necessarily the "athletic type." However, when my uncle promised a short and beautiful hike, my two friends and I were down for it. 

This was not a short and easy hike. After not working out for a few months, my legs felt like jelly after the first mile. We tried to get my family to turn around, but at he same time, we kept trying to push ourselves forward. After 8 miles, I felt dead inside, but I can honestly say the view was worth it.

We hiked throughout Point Reyes to Angel Beach, which was incredible. In front of us was a cliff with the ocean crashing into rocks below. It felt so surreal and I'm proud of myself for actually making it all the way. 

Next, we went to Muir Woods, and on the way, my uncle's driving almost killed us as the car twisted around the mountain terrain. Finally at the highest elevation, we were able to walk through the woods and it was like nothing I've ever seen before. The Redwood Trees stood so high, a picture couldn't even do them justice. 

There were three different parts of the forest, and each one increasingly became quieter. At the last stop, the woods were so tranquil that I could have stayed there for hours and just listen to the silence. 

Not to far away from the woods is Muir Beach, which we hit just in time for the sunset. Now, Rhode Island sunsets are hard to beat, but California sunsets are on a whole different level. Not only is the ocean a beautiful blue with the sun coming down, but the mountains are visible in the background. It looked so picturesque that it's hard to believe I was actually there. 

After dipping our toes in the Pacific, we sat back and just enjoyed the view - something I'll keep in my mind forever. 

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