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Coast Modern cruises into the music scene

Los Angeles based duo Coast Modern shared breezy beats and vibed

with the audience when they stopped by the Mercury Lounge on September 25 in New York City.

The indie-pop duo includes lead vocalist Coleman Trapp and backing vocals/bassist Luke Atlas. “Going Down,” the first track on their debut self-titled album, opened the show. They continued with the dreamy tune “Tiny Umbrella,” single “Guru,” and track “Now I’m Cool.” Their music is versatile; mixing beachy, island beats with pop, electro, and alternative rock rooted sounds.

In Mercury Lounge’s small, dark bar space, Trapp and Atlas certainly showed off how “cool” they are - sporting a casual look of a T-shirt and Vans, Trapp kept the audience excited and the party alive. The audience sang and danced along as Trapp made his way back and forth across the stage, jamming with his unique vocals.

At one point, Trapp stopped to ask the audience to yell their name on the count of three, and then smiled, saying “Nice to meet you.”

The one hour set also included the single poppy-electro tune “Dive” and the groovy, diverse song “Pockets Full of No.” Trapp sang out the catchy lyrics, “We can get high / We can get low / We can go all night / We can take it slow.”

Coast Modern’s headlining tour is in support of their newly released self-titled album. Trapp and Atlas explained that their inspirations for the album stemmed from listening to a lot of podcasts, including The Duncan Trussell Family Hour podcast, and reading. Additionally, they “dig the futuristic influences and productions of current hip hop.”

Their music definitely strays from the norm, which they described as a “big soup of so many influences without regard for what's trendy.” Although their music stems generally from pop, it dips into other genres like rock, reggae, hip hop and folk. In the future, they wouldn’t be opposed to branching out a little, claiming nothing is off limits.

One day, the duo hopes to play Quiznos Area, the first arena in space, but for now, they want to just meet more people around the world and spread good vibes along the way. Currently, they’re in the works of collaborating on projects with various people.

“We're normal guys who stumbled into this almost by accident after years of working in bedrooms and studios,” they said. “I think a lot of people have immense creative potential waiting to be unlocked.”

For more information, tour dates and music, check out Coast Modern’s website.

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