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Cunningham Tower — Lost In The Mountains

Hidden amongst thousands of trees in Goshen's Mohawk State Forest sits a little piece of history.

I decided to check out Cunningham Tower after it was featured on DamnedConnecticut to see if I could really feel the creepy vibes that accompanied the peaceful sight. I drove up the winding road, leading to the top of the mountain, and followed a trail into the woods. The forest seemed incredibly quiet — the surroundings were so still, as if each toss of leaves or brush in the wind could be heard for miles.

At the end of a short trail stood an old, stone tower, reaching about 20 feet high. There are steps leading up to the structure, but there's no way to actually climb it once inside. A lone picnic table sat in the middle of the room, surrounded by a few words of graffiti on the walls. There was also an old fireplace along one of the walls - which looked like it had been used not too long ago.

The inside of the tower is pretty underwhelming. It's smaller than I imagined, and there's not much to look at. The "wow" factor was certainly missing. While there's not much to explore around the structure, it's interesting to think about the history that comes along with the land. It's been around since 1912 - after being purchased by Seymour Cunningham for sheep farming and then acquired by White Memorial in 1920 - so it certainly has an eerie-feel along the grounds.

If you're a hiker or nature enthusiast, you'll love the view. There are 73 acres of red and white pine in the area, adding a serene feeling to the atmosphere. From certain points in the forest, the tower looks like a mysterious building - left alone for others to discover.

Scare factor: 👻 (1/5 ghosts)

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