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Saville Dam — Royalty Hidden In Plain Sight

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Has Bridgerton been on your mind a little too much? Maybe you need a trip to Barkhamstead's quaint, not-so-hidden gem.

Amid the rushing cars next to the Farmington River sits an earthen embarkment dam. At first, you'll likely do a double-take. Did I really just pass by that royal-looking building on Route 318? It's a bit startling at first, but trust me — you're going to want that up-close look.

From afar, the Saville Dam looks majestic; the masonry work is truly fascinating and Its vintage vibe makes the dam a great little tourism spot. While it's so visually appealing, the dam is also very pertinent to the community. Since its opening date in 1948, the dam has created the Barkhamsted Reservoir and is the primary water source for Hartford County. Who knew 36.8 gallons could be disguised by such unique architecture?

The Saville Dam is a perfect stop on a roadtrip through Connecticut, but unfortunately, is right off of a main road. Although its visible from a car window, it's possible to walk right up to the dam, if you choose. Sometimes, we all need a little spice of royalty in our lives.

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