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The Cranks

The Cranks are an indie rock trio from Dunstable, Massachusetts, and have gained a reputation throughout New England as a popular performing act. The band’s drummer, Connor Gowland is a University of Rhode Island sophomore and has been interested in music his entire life. In fifth grade, he started a band with his twin sister, Haley Gowland on guitar and vocals, and friend Alex Markoski on bass. Gowland said that Haley writes 95 percent of the songs herself, with help from him and Markoski. He also explained how the three of them are constantly talking and collaborating.

Their sound is similar to that of the Strokes and Paramore, and their newest album relating to bands such as Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco and Two Door Cinema Club. In 2008, the band really started to become official and they started playing shows, Gowland said. Gowland said their career started to take off in high school. The band released their first album during their freshman year in 2011, a second in 2012 and a third in 2013. The third album, “Orange”, was the runner up for Limelight magazine’s Album of the Year in 2013. The Cranks have performed at various music festivals and local venues along the Northeast, including Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Maine. Gowland said that the band has played close to 200 shows, 35 of them this past summer. Earlier this year, The Cranks won the Battle of The Bands at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Over the summer, the band opened for Paramore, Fall Out Boy and New Politics at the Gilford, New Hampshire stop of the Monumentour. When the trio went to college last year, Gowland said it was difficult to practice weekly like they had in the past. Haley attends Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Markoski attends Connecticut College, leaving a large gap between the members. For two months, Gowland said the band went without a gig, to make sure everyone had time to settle into their schools. “It’s difficult to travel and get around to one another,” Gowland said. “If we have an opportunity for a gig and we are all free that weekend, we make it happen. I’ve taken trains and buses before, and we’ve used instruments from other bands. I’ll do whatever it takes.” Gowland explained that sometimes it is hard to make it to certain shows because a drum set is not the easiest to carry around, but he will take any transportation necessary. On a positive note, he said that since the three members attend different schools, their music scene is even greater, attracting a bigger audience. The group will be playing on Nov. 28 at the Parish Center for the Arts in Westford, Massachusetts where they will be sharing huge news. Gowland said that this will be their “biggest step up as a band.” Their new EP will be released in January, along with upcoming tour dates.

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