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The Wrecks deliver their first EP to the music scene and are here to stay

Indie-rock band The Wrecks, hailing from Thousand Oaks, California, are fairly new to the music scene, but are definitely starting to leave their mark.

The five-piece band, made up of Nick Anderson on vocals/guitar, Nick Schmidt on guitar, Westen Weiss on guitar, Aaron Kelley on bass and Billy Nally on drums, recorded their debut EP on a whim. According to their Facebook page, the band had an engineering friend who was granted access to a recording studio for three days. In just these few days, the group recorded as much as they could and left with a solid piece of work.

In 2016, The Wrecks released this EP, titled We Are The Wrecks, and were signed to Another Century Records. Their first single featured on the EP, “Favorite Liar,” already has over six million hits on Spotify. The song is incredibly catchy, starting off with an indie vibe which slowly turns into a jammable rock tune. It has all the right guitar riffs combined with engaging lyrics to make it a perfect edition to your playlist.

We Are The Wrecks also features two other songs, “Turn It Up,” and “I Don’t Like You.” “Turn It Up” starts the EP off on a loud note. The Wrecks captivate listeners with their catchy rhythm and anthem-like chorus. “I Don’t Like You” is an angsty, fun song with relatable themes. Lead vocalist Anderson’s unique voice is something fresh that will replay in your head all day long. He sings, “Say what you want/Say it right to my face/

I wanna hear it all, come on please/ It’s like music to my ears that I’ve been hearing for years.”

The Wrecks just finished touring with punk-rock band All Time Low on their “Young Renegades” tour and are already back on the road. Their “Robot Army” tour begins this October in San Francisco with Vesperteen, Mainland and The Technicolors. As they make their way onto the East Coast, catch them at The Space in Hamden, Connecticut on November 14 or at Mercury Lounge in New York City on November 15.

For music, tour dates, and more information, check out their website.

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