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Chasing Moonlight makes inspiring music from both sides of the country

Alternative duo Chasing Moonlight are on a musical journey to not only share their music, but to inspire and unite listeners along the way.

Artists Brett Steinberg and Alessandro Chillé have collaborated ever since the pair met almost a decade ago. About a year and a half ago, they reconnected and started to write music together again, despite the fact that Chillé lives in Los Angeles, California and Steinberg resides outside of New York.

This past summer, Chasing Moonlight competed in Firefly Music Festival’s “Big Break” competition. Steinberg explained that this led to a “two and half month journey of the most shameless promotion” he’s ever done. To his surprise, he learned that his friends, family and fans were actually really interested in the opportunity Chasing Moonlight had.

The duo ended up making it to the Top 5 showcased group of artists. Although they did not end up winning the final spot to play at the festival, they had the chance to perform live at William Street Common in Philadelphia.

Since 2016, the band has recorded a few singles, including their most popular tune, “Home.” Earlier this month, they released another track entitled “All I Need.” Chillé said that this song stems from the fact that although they have dreams of playing huge stadiums like Madison Square Garden some day, they are content just creating and living in the moment.

“I create because it makes me happy,” Chillé said. “I do things for the inner joy and the social connection and nothing related to money.”

Steinberg added that “All I Need” is about independence and not letting anyone get in the way of him creating and growing as both a human being and an artist.

Right now, the duo has a few songs in the works and hope to release a single soon and an EP in the near future. Steinberg explained how he used to be against putting out singles rather than a record or EP, but now he sees them as more “digestible.” However, he believes that releasing an EP or record will heighten the experience for fans since they have only released singles thus far.

Ultimately, the pair wants their music to unite people and allow listeners to feel connected to the lyrics. Chillé hopes fans will listen to the perspectives and lessons in their songs.

“We find one of the biggest, most important aspects of art, and music specifically, to be the comfort that is brought when you combine storytelling, honesty, and an experience that kind of reminds you that we all are in this together,” Steinberg said.

From here, the duo wants to keep “raising the bar” not only in terms of the genres they approach, but different techniques they use to create new tunes. Steinberg hopes to make it onto the West Coast in the future, converge into one studio space with Chillé, and create as much music as possible.

“We’re going to continue to strive toward making the greatest possible art and greatest possible connections with those who listen,” Steinberg said. “That’s always been our mission statement and I hope it always is that.”

“In the end, everyone’s got these dreams and goals but we just write music because we love it and we enjoy, more than anything, when people are able to take it in and love it too,” Chillé said. “That’s the best part of it.”

On the side, Steinberg is the lead vocalist in the band Kalimur and Chillé is an actor who will be guest starring in the adult swim show Black Jesus. For music, tour dates and info, visit their Facebook page.

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