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SWMRS are ‘Figuring it Out’ in the music scene

Hailing from Oakland, California, punk-rock band SWMRS are emerging into the industry with a new take on punk music.

Lead vocalist Cole Becker, rhythm guitarist Max Becker, vocalist and guitarist Joey Armstrong and backing vocalist/bassist Sebastian Muller make up the musical group, formerly named Emily’s Army. In 2016, the band released their debut album, Drive North, through their own indie-label, Uncool Records. However, they ended up signing with the pop-punk label Fueled By Ramen later in the year and released a remastered version of the album.

Drive North takes listeners on a trip through the SWMR’s honest lyrics, head banging tunes and unique sound. The album opens with “Harry Dean,” a fast-paced track, honoring Harry Dean Stanton, which showcases Cole’s raspy lyrics. It continues with the band’s most popular tune, “Figuring It Out,” an anthem to millennials who have no idea where they’re headed in life. “And everybody wants to know themselves, we’re too scared,” Becker sings, “we’re still figuring it out.”

Incredibly guitar-driven tune “Uncool” will leave you screaming the lyrics out your car window, “Palm Trees” is the perfect jam-worthy tune to mosh along with, and the angsty, loud track “Drive North” fuels the feud between southern and northern California. Drive North closes with “Lose It,” the perfect break-up song which Becker sings: “Tell me why’d you have to have such a damn good taste in music / Yeah, if all my favorite songs make me think of you, I’m gonna lose it.”

Luckily, the band has punk running through their veins - especially because drummer Joey is the son of punk band Green Day’s lead vocalist, Billie Joe Armstrong. Although some of the songs sound like they’re influenced by Green Day’s well known overpowering percussion matched with mumbled vocals, Drive North has an edgy, new-age sound that makes the band stand apart from not only Green Day, but the entire punk scene.

Their timeless, catchy lyrics are mixed perfectly with the aggressive background beats, making the best combination for music junkies who prefer loud music - that makes an even louder statement.

Catch the band on their Fall co-headlining tour alongside The Interrupters, kicking off October 13. SWMRS will hit Boston on December 7 and New York City on December 9. For more tour dates, information and music, visit their website.

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