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Emarosa takes a step forward with new versions of old songs, fresh sound

Emarosa, the post-hardcore band from Lexington, Kentucky just released a four-track EP, 131 Reimagined, which features some of the band’s favorite tunes - remastered.

Their fourth record to date, 131, which was released last summer, might be their best sound thus far. The album was produced in Nashville by Casey Bates — best known for working with artists such as Pierce The Veil, Memphis Mayfire and Chiodos. Additionally, 131 was released through Hopeless Records - a first for the band.

131 Reimagined includes songs “One Car Garage,” “Helpless,” “Miracle” and “Blue” all from their latest record.

"There's therapy in opening old wounds,” lead vocalist Bradley Walden explained. “We wanted to see a different side of the select few and give them a new life."

Emarosa combines a heavy, rock sound with deep and catchy vocals. New listeners should check out the single “Cloud 9,” and track “Sure.” With over one million Spotify listens, “Sure” is an intense tune backed up by loud guitar riffs and driven with a jam-worthy percussion beat.

Walden sings, “But I’m stuck sad and saying we can try it again, you’ve got your head in your hands. / I am giving in / You want to talk about, maybe that’s the reason I’ve been feeling out loud.”

The album is very versatile; mixing pop and rock with slower and heavy tempo tracks, presenting a new sound for previous fans and late listeners.

"I'm so proud of this,” Walden shared about 131. “It's my favorite thing I've ever done. This is the record we wanted to make."

Bandmates Walden, ER White, Jordan Stewart and Matthew Marcellus are currently on their last tour supporting 131, which kicked off September 23 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and will close in Chicago, Illinois on October 22 - making sure to hit both coasts in between. Opening acts include A Lot Like Birds and Jule Vera.

For tour dates, music and more, visit Emarosa’s website.

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