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Lisa Heller inspires, strives to create change in millennials

21-year-old singer/songwriter Lisa Heller, hailing from Simsbury, Connecticut, targets millennials in her soul-searching alternative pop tunes.

Heller has been on an upward climb since she released her first single, “Life on the Run” in 2015. A year later, she achieved recognition around the world for the music video to her song “Hope.” The video was trending in countries including Sweden, Italy, Australia, Denmark, Finland and Ireland - even hitting #1 in some spots. Now, “Hope” has garnered over 1.6 million views on YouTube, and even led to the “Hope Wall” movement. People from all over the world who were struggling with hard times submitted their stories to be featured on Heller’s Wall of Hope.

All of Heller’s songs are emotional and empowering - containing positive messages revolving around strength, bravery and overcoming obstacles in life. Her 2016 single, “Things You Never Said,” is about how she overcame anxiety, and her latest single, “Midnight,” reflects on the modern-day hookup culture during college.

“Midnight,” which was released this past July, is a catchy and relatable tune for not only millennials, but anyone who has been left with mixed feelings for a significant other. “Whatever happened to that kind of love, the one you couldn't live without?” Heller sings. “It's hard to see the possibilities when all you do is shut me out.”

Like most public figures, Heller has a chance to share her experiences with the world because of her outlet. On September 18, she spoke at Twitter Headquarters in San Francisco, California for the #digital4good #ICANHELP event, where she shared her story and spoke about the positive impact and leadership digital media can create.

So far, Heller’s music has been featured on various Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music playlists - but she is set to release five songs soon, which will be her biggest music release yet. To stay updated on Heller’s latest updates, check out her website.

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